As I told in my blogs, I want to change my lifestyle, habits. And this is kind of huge changes.

The problems that I want to deal with

  • Prolonged procrastination problem
  • Do enough to reach my dreams, requires a lot of reading, practicing
  • Deal with my morbid obese condition
  • Feel alive by writing, sharing thoughts
  • Develop solid skills and ability

But will this changes  occur all on a sudden ? Can I make this changes at once ?

Although I thought I could, I started dieting, living junk foods, red meat, sugar 6 months ago. At first I got very quick result, I was loosing around 4 kg’s every month. But sometimes later I feel sick and because of sickness I couldn’t exercise. Although I tried to continue the diet, but sometimes because of weakness caused by sickness I needed to take some extra food. So, It kind of became a roller coaster journey for me. I loosed some weight, gained back, than again lost.

But I am happy that after 6 months I have been able to reduce at least 15 kg’s from my overweight, though its not anywhere near to my target or didn’t met my targets. I still have to loose 27 kg’s to become a regular person, which is a tough goal to achieve. I have timeline of 6 months in my mind to achieve this goal i.e but may be that’s not gonna happen anyway. Need to revise schedule and do more to achieve that.

That was on the reducing weight, I have been also trying to increase my skillsets, after working several years in the industry, I feel like a phoney, I feel like am I really a software engineer? Do I have any skills of developing a software ? Can I develop a software independently on my own ? Did I create any ability in myself that is rare and worthy enough to survive myself in worst conditions ? To find answers of this questions I did made an action plan 2 years ago, but still having hard time to follow it thoroughly.

On personal account, I live a messy life, I don’t know where all my things are and most of the items I am completely disorganized. As I take care of my family things too, so here comes the responsibility of organizing family things, as all above there, I did made a plan to organize everything 2-3 years ago, sometimes did stuffs too, but later didn’t revisit time to time it. My experience  about organizing life is that I need to spend some time on organizing life every now and then, taking a chunk of time from my daily life. Although sometimes when I feel very organized I wake up late night to organize things Open-mouthed smile, when I should be doing more productive work.

I have also some higher education ambitions, I am nearing to my 27th of year life, so after getting more old I will not be able to become a fulltime student, but you know already how much its tough to go through the admission process and its too tiresome for me. Besides you need to take exams IELTS etc. before that.

And I have prolonged procrastination  problem, I tell myself I will do things, do changes, but that doesn’t happens, I come back to the old routine again and again. So, here comes the realization..


You know what it means right, do changes bits by bits. 

Driving Change : 3 Daily Habits for 2015

At some point of my life I thought there would be a day from then I will be changed, I will be different, not doing any procrastination, turning in all my abilities, potentials to bigger achievements and so on.

Everyday I thought like this is the day, from this moment everything is changing, from tomorrow a new version of shihab appears with further strength, skills, moreover a better human being. I envisioned it for several years and but failed to achieve that day. I repeatedly failed to achieve my dreams, goals, plans and still I am failing now. And sometimes I became utterly frustrated, couldn’t keep up patience on myself, became impatient, gone outrageous, broke things and carried out with the flow.


But then in the very next moment after the soothing period, I hold back myself together, what was wrong, why it didn’t happen, do I need to be worried and does this frustration meant anything at all.

After all this hypothesis I found those times of frustrations doesn’t really meant anything, I could have done much better without this, this was a mare goal breaker. But as life happens continuously with me I tend to forget things and couldn’t materialize most of the things envisioned for myself,


I took three daily habits to grow for myself in 2015. Actually they are simple habits to help myself to grow intellectually.


Writing Everyday

At least write some of my thoughts on this blog.



Coding Everyday

At least write codes for 1 hour daily



Reading Everyday

Read something everyday, I targeted 2 hours daily


Besides I did grow a habit of mine from last year which I have been struggling to maintain now. But hopefully I would be able to continue it.It was


Workout Everyday

At least walk for an hour(approximately 7 KM’s)


So far I have been struggling to achieve all this, my goal is to finish doing all these things by evening everyday, so that I can move on to other personal things for the later of the day.

Share with me if you have any tips for growing habits.

Cycles of Life : Hard Work and Frustration

In our lifetime we are moving round and round in different circles. I am trying to identify these circles. Obviously the goal is to identify them at first, than break later. I will start with the cycle of hard working and frustration.

You start with having a goal and being determined to achieve that.


Then you start working hard,

working hard

obviously you had a timeline in your hand,


Some times later you had period of distractions,


Also you loose interest sometimes,


You have also periods of sadness, unease and what not,


All on a sudden you feel lost,


Then at some point you find you are knocking your dateline,


If you have worked enough to achieve something, you meet your goal sometimes by a very short margin,

meeting hard dateline

But if you did nothing, you feel frustrated,


And burst at yourself,

Burst at yoursefl

And your datelines goes into a graveyard,


Than at some point you find a new goal and become motivated, start working again,

finda new goal

And this cycle goes on and on, I left the success part cause you already what you would be doing if you had succeed.

Driving Change : The Caveman Experience

Sometimes we are not happy with ourselves, it can be a lot things, deficiency in skill set or may be we are trying to produce something but we are not being able to do by living our regular lives. This happens to me some time, then I feel the need of taking a break and work on my skill sets. I experimented this couple of years ago. I was doing very bad in everything, I felt I need to take a break, work on this materials, than come back again.


I figured out what I need to do, what is the syllabus I need to complete, how would I measure I have completed it and what is the maximum timeline I have. I went to the cave,in those 15 days I didn’t met anyone, didn’t talk anyone except my family and didn’t come online to check social network, even slept very minimal. I kept myself confined in home, didn’t even go anywhere.


I was working relentlessly to achieve my goal, although I got distracted a few times daily, but I was counting them to deduct it gradually. And in final days I had very few distraction moments.


So, what did I achieve with this ? When I came back it felt like I knew everything, I was doing far better,having my regular life and having excellent results. Yes, it was because of the hard work I did in the Cave Man period.

Share with me if you have something similar ..

Are you Different ? If you are show me how.

Difference is a virtue we are looking for now-a-days in every person. I hope everyone who submitted applications to different programs knows how many times they have to write everything saying they are different in this perspective or that perspective and so on.Different1

In general perspective human beings are very different from each other with thoughts, approaches, movements, activities. If you gather 5 people in a room and give them freedom to be on their own, you can find different kind of results in different ones.It is quite obvious.


You already are different from others but how do you prove it to the world, here comes the big twist. Cause nobody will believe you, just like every thief says I have never stolen anything. Do you need to do something or take an extra project to show your difference to the world, dedicate some time to think about, bring in something as a proof? Yes, you can do something like that, but that will hamper your regular life, to do’s, plans and programs.


As I told we already are different, we just need to act on this difference. Act on your different ideas, innovate something, show it to the world this is my philosophy in this case. Start from very early in the morning, document your ideas, find out what’s the most different one you had in the day, then know how you can implement the idea, what are things you need to implement it and how far you are from your idea to a viable difference point. This is the very beginning of your difference.

While doing something like that I suggest these steps

  • Start Very Early ..As You had the thought very early, so act on it very earlier than everyone else.
  • Finish Early—Don’t forget to complete i.e achieve your minimum goal, I have problem with this, I always start early but forget to finish, so finishing early is extremely important.
  • Review and Re-innovate- You have already built something, now you have something to show the world you are different, but still you are not getting recognition,world thinks it sucks, what do you do now ? You review everything, think about what could you do more differently and re-innovate the wheel.

So far, this is the procedure I thought of, acting on to prove difference. You cannot prove your difference writing big essays or imaginary thoughts that never even happened or have very minimum practical viability.

Share with me what did you do today to prove your difference, did you have a very different idea to work on ?

24 Hours of Personal Scrum: A Quest to find where all my time Goes

I have a prolonged procrastination problem, which I am fighting everyday and I loved the idea of rule of 3.

Rule of 3

Rule of 3 is basically picking up top 3 things that you want to accomplish in a certain period of time, in a day,week,month of year.


So, I wake up at 7.30 in the morning and decided i will document everything that I will be doing next 24 hours and picked my top 3 goals. It was a weekend, so easy for me to document. Besides I used the famous pomodero technique of time management which leads us to pick a task for 25 minutes, focus relentlessly on the task for 25 minutes then take a 5 minutes break. After 4 Pomodoro’s(120 minutes) it suggests a big break of half an hour and it also suggests to count distractions in the 25 minutes Pomoderons and find out progress of concentration lapses in the periodical time.


So my top 3 goals was :

  • Read a a 200 page book and practice concepts mentioned there.
  • Write a Blog on 2015 top 3 words
  • File application for a program that I really want to get in

Below I shared how it went as time progressed,

Pomodoro’s/Breaks Accomplished Task/Details Distraction Numbers
P1(7.30 A.M to 8 A.M.) read 5 pages of book, I guessed more None
B1(8 A.M. to 8.30 A.M.) Made some breakfast and tea for me, also brushed teeth. watched TV in this time too
P2(8.30 A.M. to 9 A.M.) Read 8 pages from the book, practiced some concepts None
B2(9 A.M. to 10.00 A.M.) Went to Facebook, Mailed some people, bought some vegetables, Made some Tea, Called some folks  
B3(10.00 A.M. to 11.30 A.M.) Bought groceries for myself for the whole week ahead, as I am avoiding outside food now-a-days, Lost to find something that was couldn’t find  
P3(11.30-12.00 A.M) Started Reading again, reading speeded up, I  was on page 36 now.  
P4(12-12.30 P.M.) Continued reading, practiced.  
P5(12.30 –1 P.M) Reading slowed down, I was on page 42 now.  
P6(1-1.30 P.M) Reading Continued, grasped some concepts there  
B4(1.30-2 P.M.) Lunch and Shower  
B5(2-2.30 P.M) Reading Continues, I was on page 51 now.  
P7(2.30-3 P.M.) wrote some codes, practiced some concepts of the code.  
B6(3-3.30 P.M.) Read some blogs, did some reading on Mailchimp integraiton  
P8(4-4.30 P.M) Wrote a Blog Post  
B7(4.30 –5 P.M.) Talking with a friend over phone, I generally talk with this friend longer than this  
B8(5-5.30 P.M.) Blog sharing and Evening snacks  
P9(5.30 –6 P.M.) started the application Talked with uncle in between.
B9(6-7P.M.) Talked with uncle,Mum  
P10(7.30-8 P.M) Finally done with my application  
B10(8-8.30 P.M.) Meeting with some volunteers regarding some initiatives  
B11(8.30-9.30 P.M.) Dinner, calling a friend, fb  
P11(9.30-10 P.M) Started with study again..  
B12(10-11 P.M.) Went for a workout  
B13(11-12 P.M.) Read some blogs  
B14(12-2 A.M.) Sleeping, I love the polyphasic sleeping, it was my first phase  
P12(2-2.30 A.M.) continued reading  
B15(2.30- 3 A.M.) Brushing teeth, tea, reading some creative stuff  
P13(3-4.30 A.M.) this was the longest phase of reading, advanced a lot  
B16(4.30-6.30 A.M.) had my second phase of sleeping  
P14(6.30-7.30 A.M) went for a morning walk to enjoy fresh weather.  

At the end of the 24 hours, I found I over-estimated my reading ability and got distracted, that’s why I couldn’t complete the whole book reading. I reached up to half, but if I could get out of the distraction I could have managed up to 150.

Another hypothesis I made that I need to enhance my reading skills, finding the gist as early as possible, this could help me a lot to grasp concepts and do work thus efficiently.

I found the best way to enhance reading skills, is to keep reading and continue to apply different strategies like faster skimming, than look through concepts and so on. I am still working on it, I will share as soon I make significant advancement on it.

Looking forward 2015: My Top 3 Words

I was thinking about creating new years resolutions but every time I was creating something that was becoming a big list of which most of the things will remain unachieved at the end of the year. I was looking for something minimal, practical and difficult to break. I loved the rule of 3 and than after wondering in internet I found this post, took inspiration and jumped in to pick my ones.

My 3 words for 2015 : Less. Release.Rule

The toughest thing was relating everything to this themes. After thinking quite a bit I did managed to figure out that.



I always made long and longer plans, had big and bigger ambitions, had zillions of thoughts, thoughts of doing a lot things but in most of the cases I achieved very minimal of these. This provoked me to come to the basics, minimal, as little as I can do. I admired power of less. I made simple one goal for daily life, that no matter what happens I will do this today. This helped me to focus more on a task and on a longer period of term achieve more rather having a lot in mind and in the end achieving nothing. I always started early for everything then lost in middle, struggling to finish later at end.

So, the promise is to plan less, think less,  less multitasking, focusing on one task with all my concentration and thus achieve more. To achieve this set everyday one simple target that I want to achieve that day and start  work towards it very early. And I am also picking up the highest priority ones delegating the highly important but less urgent ones in a to do list.



We all know none of our belongings will help us while we require them or in urgency. Last year I  was alone at home for long period due to sickness, I didn’t come online to check facebook, twitter or mails. But what happened with that ? Is that mattered at all ? no, not. You can release this things from your life. The things  that are not mandatory to live on such as possessions or stuff that makes your life poisonous.

I always remained in stress of something, later on found out this stress was really not required, I could have acted better if that stress was not their.

So, this year I want to release all stress, reasons of stress, unnecessary things, have very minimal personal possessions, sell or give away extra personal possessions , go for a remoteyear , live life of a man of freewill.



Yes, everybody want’s to rule the world. But was it possible for everybody ?

Ruling have a separate meaning for different circumstances though. This could be you are a runner, you have a target of running 1000 KM’s in the whole year, this is the meaning of ruling to you. Obviously you want to become better in timing in every kilometers you run.

This also  means something to me, I want to achieve things that I ever wanted, excel in my profession, admit in a graduate course from the intuitions I admire most, increase my skill set to the very level that I want, take my fitness level to the optimum level, move forward, explore and achieve more, reach new heights at volunteerism, work on my initiatives to take them to newer heights and  so on.

What are your top 3 words for 2015 ?


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