Good without Evil

Lets Imagine a world without evil. Everyone is doing his own work and no-one doing bribery and other things. No wars, everyone is quite, people keep doors open. Lock business shut down as nobody takes other people’s stuff and people  stopped using heavy doors. People don’t envy each other.

Think about all the bad and evilly stuff you have experienced in life totally gone. You don’t have to argue with people anymore while in market and the merchants don’t have the will to do extra profit. Police and army’s have nothing to do except games and running miles Smile.

And lots of good things happening, Then what? Are you happy?  Think once with all the bad things gone. It may feel good for sometime but in the end all will be boring, disgusting with same things happening again and again.

In our life’s at some point we may want all the bad and evil gone but in the end time we find life is completely a mixture of these two Good and Bad.

Just think if there was no bad,  How much bored people would be always doing the good things.It’s also same in the other way. If there was no good, bad people doing good things couldn’t find the fun of doing bad. At first they may enjoy doing bad things, but in the end finding nobody to challenge them or fight with them doing bad things are no fun anymore.

At last life is a mixture of these two things simultaneously , its jus the curve that becomes different for different people. For some it’s a sign curve with lots of up and down , for some something else.

3 thoughts on “Good without Evil

  1. I’m sure people would get bored without daily drama to fascinate them. I’m glad I live where I do, the drama isn’t as deadly as your part of the world. Thank you for stopping by my blog it gave mean opportunity to read yours and you are very talented, keep up ye good work.


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