Bigger the problems, bigger are the opportunities

I was very depressed yesterday about thinking what I am doing with my life and etc. etc. Then started browsing randomly on Internet and halted on some motivational stuff shared by one of our juniors from KUET some day ago. It was this video.

This video is quite a big one,I am going to write  now from that  only some phrase at beginning that allured me. That  from Vinod Khosla, saying “One thing I would say is..To me, every big problem is a big opportunity. If you think about it, no problem, no solution, no company. Very simple. Every big problem is a big opportunity. If you don’t have a big problem, you don’t have a big opportunity. Nobody will pay you to solve a non-problem. “

After hearing this I came to my mind, weight for just a minute, think about yourself. Is it something that is valid for you also. Found quite similar. so, the motto became to find big problems, I f I don’t found big problems, I couldn’t solve it and gain nothing.

There’s another thing on this video that I found interesting, that said about taking risks and its relation with success and failure. It’s something like if you are all with success, no failures than you had no success at all, they were failures that seemed to you as success. It’s a cycle of failure and successes in your life. If you are not failing for long time than you are not doing anything for success. That was pretty cool and allured me a lot.

Anyways the speaker I am talking about is Tina Seelig,She’s a Professor at Stanford Technology Ventures Program, Teaching motivational stuff i.e they make living by giving inspirational talks in front of people that doesn’t   means that is always going to be true for you, But in the end the fact is that this things help when you are utterly depressed.

So, I started on the road of life to find problems and fail fast and frequently. Below Meme for the daySmile


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