Positivity of Negativity

For the last couple of days I have been feeling unusual. When I feel so, I have a routine kind of things to do. At first it comes with passing sleepless nights with lots of things joggling in mind. Later on early morning somewhere I can feel the fresh air. Then walking aimlessly in Dhaka roads, here and there looking for a peaceful place.

Positive Negative

In the end I  go to at some friends place, end up with having conversation with the facts and etc. etc. And yes eating at some place comes last. Then I find myself forgetting  the unusual thing. This drill has been going for quite a long time.

Good company always helps to soothe, no matter on what situation. And I am very happy that I have been surrounded by lots of wonderful people’s throughout my life. They have been helping me a lot to soothe in this situations continuously. After all we are lonely human beings on this vast planet wondering randomly for love, affection and things like that. It generally makes our hearts calm, gives some feeling of peace. When we feel unusual our heart moves like so fast and lots of worse thoughts arrives again and again. Talking with some nice people makes it cooler like refrigerator’s does.

So, the point stands out, every negative things at some point and mostly at the end brings some positive things also. At beginning outcome of negative things is completely negative I know. But when it soothes down, we find something positive. At childhood my father used to send me in most places alone. I felt very sad seeing other child’s with parents and me alone. I complained again and again about this and my father’s reaction to this was, you have to take care of everything in absence of me, So, at first you need to know how to take care of yourself alone. Though it felt very sad at that time but it helped me to become self sufficient later. There are always like that in every negative thing. Punishment of teachers is also same like this. We all know no teacher want’s of his students.

     Positivity and Negativity are common facts of human life. But we may end doing something good and have a happy life if we tend to think Negative things in also Positive matters. This has been the moral that I wanted to tell in the above gibberish writing. 

One of my fellow’s asked someday ago me why this blog and etc. etc. Then I  remembered I never gave an introduction of this blog like what, why, how and blah blah. I actually did that with some kind of intention. Actually blog is a collection of my feelings about living life and all the feelings I gather with it. Another thing is that, I used to be good at writing( at least I thought) in higher secondary level, later on after 4 years of engineering education with literally  no practice in writing I forgot what writing is. I wanted to get back this skill again. And that’s quite a bit of it. Have a good day ahead.

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