Living in Bindings

I am a fat guy and all my life I  have been so. It’s not that I have never tried to loose weight. I tried hundreds of times. Sometimes I did exercise, very hard exercise, sometimes I did very hard diet. I am near 100 kg’s now and I have loosed to become 80 several times but again I got my weight back after several days to become same over weight again.

After several research and doctor’s suggestion according to my height my optimal weight is 65 kg’s i.e. I need to loose nearly 30 plus kg’s. Lately I have been trying scientifically with proper diet and exercise. I have consulted a nutritionist and taking food according to her suggestion. And doing regularly 40 minutes light exercise. And its working. I lost 2.5 kg’s in one week.


I have to follow the rules strictly next 3 months up to 30th November , 2014to loose extra 30 Plus kg’s of weight of my body and to go for shaping my body. Now I am doing walking, cycling or running as a form of  exercise. After loosing the extra weight I will start gym and swimming to shape my body as body physique is very bad. I am very much determined and hopeful this time.I am sharing what I am doing with #GettingFit in facebook,. if you want to know what I am doing follow that tag.

And secondly it feels refreshing all the time, having the right diet and right exercise everyday. Previously I felt week and tired always due to having oily, fatty foods and lack of proper exercise.I will share time to time on my path to become 65 kg’s. And its happier  to live n binding.

One thought on “Living in Bindings

  1. hope you won’t make the counter 101 this time 🙂
    Working out is not only about having a “nice” body. It’s about focus and your commitment to yourself. It refreshes your mind and makes you confident. Nice shape is the bonus.
    After all, your body is the only place you have to live in for your whole life.


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