Driving Change : The Caveman Experience

Sometimes we are not happy with ourselves, it can be a lot things, deficiency in skill set or may be we are trying to produce something but we are not being able to do by living our regular lives. This happens to me some time, then I feel the need of taking a break and work on my skill sets. I experimented this couple of years ago. I was doing very bad in everything, I felt I need to take a break, work on this materials, than come back again.


I figured out what I need to do, what is the syllabus I need to complete, how would I measure I have completed it and what is the maximum timeline I have. I went to the cave,in those 15 days I didn’t met anyone, didn’t talk anyone except my family and didn’t come online to check social network, even slept very minimal. I kept myself confined in home, didn’t even go anywhere.


I was working relentlessly to achieve my goal, although I got distracted a few times daily, but I was counting them to deduct it gradually. And in final days I had very few distraction moments.


So, what did I achieve with this ? When I came back it felt like I knew everything, I was doing far better,having my regular life and having excellent results. Yes, it was because of the hard work I did in the Cave Man period.

Share with me if you have something similar ..

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