As I told in my blogs, I want to change my lifestyle, habits. And this is kind of huge changes.

The problems that I want to deal with

  • Prolonged procrastination problem
  • Do enough to reach my dreams, requires a lot of reading, practicing
  • Deal with my morbid obese condition
  • Feel alive by writing, sharing thoughts
  • Develop solid skills and ability

But will this changes  occur all on a sudden ? Can I make this changes at once ?

Although I thought I could, I started dieting, living junk foods, red meat, sugar 6 months ago. At first I got very quick result, I was loosing around 4 kg’s every month. But sometimes later I feel sick and because of sickness I couldn’t exercise. Although I tried to continue the diet, but sometimes because of weakness caused by sickness I needed to take some extra food. So, It kind of became a roller coaster journey for me. I loosed some weight, gained back, than again lost.

But I am happy that after 6 months I have been able to reduce at least 15 kg’s from my overweight, though its not anywhere near to my target or didn’t met my targets. I still have to loose 27 kg’s to become a regular person, which is a tough goal to achieve. I have timeline of 6 months in my mind to achieve this goal i.e but may be that’s not gonna happen anyway. Need to revise schedule and do more to achieve that.

That was on the reducing weight, I have been also trying to increase my skillsets, after working several years in the industry, I feel like a phoney, I feel like am I really a software engineer? Do I have any skills of developing a software ? Can I develop a software independently on my own ? Did I create any ability in myself that is rare and worthy enough to survive myself in worst conditions ? To find answers of this questions I did made an action plan 2 years ago, but still having hard time to follow it thoroughly.

On personal account, I live a messy life, I don’t know where all my things are and most of the items I am completely disorganized. As I take care of my family things too, so here comes the responsibility of organizing family things, as all above there, I did made a plan to organize everything 2-3 years ago, sometimes did stuffs too, but later didn’t revisit time to time it. My experience  about organizing life is that I need to spend some time on organizing life every now and then, taking a chunk of time from my daily life. Although sometimes when I feel very organized I wake up late night to organize things Open-mouthed smile, when I should be doing more productive work.

I have also some higher education ambitions, I am nearing to my 27th of year life, so after getting more old I will not be able to become a fulltime student, but you know already how much its tough to go through the admission process and its too tiresome for me. Besides you need to take exams IELTS etc. before that.

And I have prolonged procrastination  problem, I tell myself I will do things, do changes, but that doesn’t happens, I come back to the old routine again and again. So, here comes the realization..


You know what it means right, do changes bits by bits. 

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