What are the chances of Finding Love For me ?


This writing is in a response of writing on Ted Fellow, Hannah Frey’s book Mathematics of Love and talks, stories.


There are two widely known mathematical calculations available on  finding love, one is Peter Backus’s infamous, why I don’t have a girlfriend study based on Drakes Equation.

The summarization of the study is, different percentages  of factors and applying probability on the numbers of the people living around us. He took in consideration following factors..

  • How many people of different gender lives around me
  • How many of them are in my age range
  • How many of them likely to be single
  • How many of them have a university degree
  • How many of them likely to be attractive to me
  • How many of them will find me attractive
  • How many will with I will get along well

On applying those factors Peter Backus calculated only 26 women of 4 Million women living in London would fall his criteria. That is too small and if he had another other criterions he wouldn’t have anyone Smile .


Recently Ted Fellow Hannah Frey, wrote a book called The Mathematics of Love where she tried to find a more profound equation on finding love, she went further and tried to bring out more things of life like when to marry, rituals of love life etc. and elaborate those based on mathematics.

Hannah, kind of increased the probability from Backus’s one and she had reasons that.  But the factors remains quite same, I tried to calculate for myself based on those calculations,


  • How many people of the right gender are there who live near me?

( In dhaka –around 1.5 Crore)

  • How many are likely to be of the right age range?
    (20% –>  30 Lakhs)
  • How many are likely to be single?
    (50% –> 15 Lakhs)
  • How many are likely to have a university degree?
    (26% –> 3.9 Lakhs)
  • How many are likely to be attractive?
    (20% –> 78,000 women)
  • How many are likely to find me attractive?
    (20% –> 15,600 women)
  • How many am I likely to get along well with?
    (20% –> 3120 women)

This is a mere calculation, though the actual figure may differ from it and if I had any other criterions I could have found a very people would fall in this category. Besides there remains an obvious question how you will meet this persons and check whether you are compatible with them or not.

I also had fantasy about love that I would fall for someone all on a sudden, may be meeting someone very stranger in a bus stop, work place or roads, however possibility of this is decreasing day by day but I am really optimistic about this too except above calculations.

4 thoughts on “What are the chances of Finding Love For me ?

  1. Yes, it’s partly mathematical probabilities. But it is also desire to find a partner for life, and partly too the willingness on the part of both partners to do the hard work that real long-lasting love demands.

    I wish you the best.


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