Power Of Anger

I have  a serious anger problem, but sometimes i am very much happy with it. I don’t become pissed of very often, but when i do i keep continue to getting it.  And i accomplish lots of things in that time while i was struggling to get those done from long ago. That also motivates me to take stronger decisions to change my life.

I call this as Power of Anger, I tend to realize myself better in those situations including hidden strength, weaknesses etc. This kind of helps me to do impossible things that i ever thought could be impossible for me to do.


And i recalled whatever i did impossible in my life so far driven by anger.

So, what did i do this time ?  Yes, i took a big decision and a big move towards career. I am working hard to achieve those dreams, regularly 7+ hours and on weekends more than twice of that. And despite of all fair of being left alone etc. i am moving towards it with no fear.

Share with me what did you do positive driven by anger recently .

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