I have a busy life but am I really doing anything at all ?


Most of the people complain about they don’t have time for doing anything, they are always busy doing things that they don’t have time for do things that they want to do for themselves. I am also someone with this kind of feelings. Every week I make plans for myself, I will do this or that but at the end I find that I didn’t have time to accomplish ay of that. But I was really busy whole week, didn’t have time to take a simple break too.


I am busy, busy, busy

I say people who says that they are always busy, man you don’t have a life as you are always busy, you are bound to follow rituals of the world, whereas the world should have followed your rituals. I didn’t even any person who actually couldn’t have any time for himself,the matter is that we have our times, but we loose it somewhere through mismanagement, being in anarchies or being tensed about another works.


I will do this when I will have some time

This feelings is very common, I say myself that I will organize this thing or learn that craft when I will have some time, but that time never comes, I still remember things that I have told myself years ago, which I would have done when I will have some time, but I couldn’t manage time yet. So, when is the time you would do your desirable things, answer is ASAP, as early as possible otherwise you will forget about this thing.


I am Frustrated

Frustration is a common syndrome of this cycle, as we delegate things from days to days, months to months, we tend to create lots of burden, baggage’s  for ourselves which hampers our regular work and creates tons of hammering weight in our shoulders. When you have a huge pending list you will surely feel unstable and can not concentrate much on your regular work.

The Break

So, how do we break this busy life schedule and make time for ourselves, the tactics I followed is,

Observer – Only Observe for a week what you do for yourself in whole week and your other responsibilities, be honest with yourself.

Find the Holes – find the holes where you are loosing time, prioritize works, make unnecessary things go off the list, make a list of to do’s with estimated completion time.

Fill in the Gaps with new Chores- This is your time to shine, in the gained time you can do your desired tasks, but if you do mistake with estimation don’t worry, you will get better by more practicing and bounding yourself with schedules.

Share with me if you find any gap in my systemSmile


2 thoughts on “I have a busy life but am I really doing anything at all ?

  1. I certainly recognize the experience you are describing. The solution I have found is rather like yours. I make a schedule. The never-ending challenge is to follow it. Tasks sometimes take longer than I expect. Or my energy level isn’t up to getting as much done as fast as I planned. Or there are unforeseen interruptions, some of which are important. Someone needs help, for instance. But nonetheless,I find it worth doing. It gives my life a rhythm that creates a kind of peace.
    Thank you for this post. It is reminding me that I want to keep at it.

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