Long Story in Short: Am I a failure?

Have you ever fantasized to be one of those Hero’s on Movies, like in Hindi Movies fighting with the world, loosing first, winning at the end, crowned by success and so on. I bet you fantasized to be one of those at some point of your life.


I did a comparison what I might lack with those Hero’s :


I am an overweight person, still I am 20 kg’s above to my optimum weight, besides I need to gain some muscles, packs to be at least to the compatible physique. Besides I am not that much taller, just crossing a bits of  5.6 Feet.


I have a Bachelors in Computer Science Degree from one of the top universities of my country(KUET) but not the best one. But please don’t ask me about my grades, I know how I managed to be able complete that graduation.


I am an easy to mix up personal, I try to stay as a human in wherever place I go, I am somewhat a people person,  I met, talk numerous number of people, I can make smooth conversation even with unknown people. But yes, I get pissed off very quickly some times.

Although these are the only outside analysis, there is also need of good voice, need of good acting and dancing talents too which are vital to be one of those. Though I am not writing this blog to compare to be one of those Movie Hero’s but actual thought is to be Hero of your life. I guess you already are Hero of your life. I am sure you picture yourself as a Hero in every situation. And surely you would find what are the things that is keeping you behind to be the Hero of yourself.

Except the above obviously there’s also need to be very successful in professional career, awesome public speaker and a stunning life companion( girlfriend/wife probably), none of those I have actually now. Actually this is only a fantasy Smile, none of these are required for life, I prefer living simple, continue to pursue my esteemed goals and thus live a happy life.

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