Do Something for Yourself

There’s an organization in America named they ask young people ( ranging 15 to 25) to do something for themselves, I saw their website recently, seems they are quite successful now. There do something is actually doing something for the society, doing something for change.

We have a hugely busy life, we are always stuck in works, works to feed our tummy, earn our livelihood and so on. But unfortunately we sometimes forget on the road what we are doing actually for ourselves. 06-Teen-Do-Something-1024x909

Doing Something means doing something that gives you mental pleasure such as I am writing now, which gives me mental pleasure, writing is a form of mental pursuit for me, And it gives me a feeling like that at least I am doing something to fulfill my mental pursuits, share my thoughts.

Doing Something also means learning a craft that suits yourself, i.e someone works professionally as a writer, that person really have explicit interest for that craft, whenever he is not in profession or working hours he is always thinking about how he can improve his writing skills, he is never happy with whatever skills he has now, always wants to learn more, move upwards and so on.

Doing something means adopting a new habit, creating new change in yourself, that you can be proud of myself, also fighting your procrastination, achieving things that you have always wanted to achieve. So, Start doing something for yourself now.

2 thoughts on “Do Something for Yourself

  1. As someone who, by the most optimistic assessment, has already lived three-quarters of my life, I can say that my experience leads me to say “I agree.” The paradox is that often “doing something for oneself” is the path by which we also experience what we have to contribute to life around us. When I was a university professor, I used to advise my students trying to choose their career path to begin by making a list of things they enjoy. Because that list will almost certainly include doing things we are good at.

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    1. Thanks a lot terry for sharing your wonderful your words of i am currently on my 26th, still kind of finding the right path for me ..lately i found most of the times i have been planning for myself only rather achieving them, than i had this realization.


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