The World Cares for you when it Needs you

In our lives we are always busy, always running behind our goals, always working hard to pursue our dreams and constantly dreaming about big success. But don’t we have  a pause sometime from this run?

             Yes, we sure do have sometimes, when we fell sick. I was sick from last Tuesday and I had the pause period then. Every time when I become sick, I have this realizations, I am just sharing them with the world now.


You care for the world very much I know, you woke up everyday, get ready for work ASAP, do work and you are always in a hurry. You are bound by the rules made by the world. You care for the rules, such as sleeping in nights and working in day time and so on rules. You really, really care for the world and surroundings. But does the world cares for you? Does it feels same way as you are feeling?

No, my friend, its an obvious truth, I have calls from friends from what not origin everyday and also lots of friends comes to meet me everyday. But what happened when I fell sick ? Oh, yes nobody came, cause the world was busy doing their stuff, the only calls I had was from my employers asking to do work, I was so ill that I was not being table to get up from bed, but as my employment generates me money to pay my bills, I tried as best I could do. And yes, they got what they wanted.

And this situations gives me newer stories that I didn’t let me down, dragged me to the medicine store, dragged to food shop, tried my best to make myself well. Also boots up my rhythm to pursue my dreams.

When I go to place or meet someone new I try to judge that place or human being through human values, how human this person is and I live in this world as a human. I know the world doesn’t cares about me but I care about the human values, principles so that the world may someday remember me, I lived as a human.


2 thoughts on “The World Cares for you when it Needs you

  1. Don’t give up caring, even if it feels like the one-way street it so often is. Because we need to care for others as much as we need to be cared about.
    PS: Hope you are feeling better.

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