Starting Over

Someday ago i told one of my friends that i am starting over to rebuild my career, life from scratch, he laughed at me, thinking may be i am joking. But I am really doing so with all in. I remember 2014 as a year of my life when i started to do things for me, think and speak boldly, prefer and decide what’s been wrong and what should be right there. This involved a lot of mine including talking with people, mixing up with people, food choices, habits and so on. I constantly been trying to change myself from last 15 months and its continuous till now.

   This thought came up after a bold realization about how i want to identify myself after years, i gave a deep thought on it. Do i want to identify myself who lived an average life, went with the flow, just followed the world rules and rituals and all on a sudden find myself in my last days ..or do i want to take risks, go through avid rise and falls, build something, create something and make a distinct presence of mine? If i want to be the later one what are things that are keeping me behind, what can happen at worst.

So, i started on the way, doing risk analysis, planning for my starting over, so exactly after 15 months of my planning now i am taking a bit more steps than the baby steps in previous months, such as In first 6 months i only planned to do things, none of them were actually done, than in next 6 months i did achieve 5-10% of that goals. Than from the 13th to 15th month i achieved nearly 20% of the routine and to do’s. Currently i am on a ratio of 25% of the to do’s but i am really hopeful soon it will cross.

The Primary focus of this rebuilding process involves —

Get Rid of Obesity and build a Good Physique

Gather more solids technical skills and excel in professional career

Pursue Higher Study Dreams

Organizer Personal and Family Life

and Moreover make a balance in overall.

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