Are you Different ? If you are show me how.

Difference is a virtue we are looking for now-a-days in every person. I hope everyone who submitted applications to different programs knows how many times they have to write everything saying they are different in this perspective or that perspective and so on.Different1

In general perspective human beings are very different from each other with thoughts, approaches, movements, activities. If you gather 5 people in a room and give them freedom to be on their own, you can find different kind of results in different ones.It is quite obvious.


You already are different from others but how do you prove it to the world, here comes the big twist. Cause nobody will believe you, just like every thief says I have never stolen anything. Do you need to do something or take an extra project to show your difference to the world, dedicate some time to think about, bring in something as a proof? Yes, you can do something like that, but that will hamper your regular life, to do’s, plans and programs.


As I told we already are different, we just need to act on this difference. Act on your different ideas, innovate something, show it to the world this is my philosophy in this case. Start from very early in the morning, document your ideas, find out what’s the most different one you had in the day, then know how you can implement the idea, what are things you need to implement it and how far you are from your idea to a viable difference point. This is the very beginning of your difference.

While doing something like that I suggest these steps

  • Start Very Early ..As You had the thought very early, so act on it very earlier than everyone else.
  • Finish Early—Don’t forget to complete i.e achieve your minimum goal, I have problem with this, I always start early but forget to finish, so finishing early is extremely important.
  • Review and Re-innovate– You have already built something, now you have something to show the world you are different, but still you are not getting recognition,world thinks it sucks, what do you do now ? You review everything, think about what could you do more differently and re-innovate the wheel.

So far, this is the procedure I thought of, acting on to prove difference. You cannot prove your difference writing big essays or imaginary thoughts that never even happened or have very minimum practical viability.

Share with me what did you do today to prove your difference, did you have a very different idea to work on ?

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